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Rotary pleaters are for high volume pleat production in cellulose and synthetic filter medias. They can be designed with dimple scoring patterns for pleat spacing, designated or variable pleat size production and many options such as: pre-heat, adjustable speed belt accumulators, and post-heat depending on your type of pleat production. These capabilities are commonly used for automotive filters, water filters(drinking, pool and spa), industrial air filters, and off road heavy duty equipment air filters.

Our mini-pleat production line processes micro-fiberglass into pleats with hot melt glue bead pleat spacing and pleats HEPA, ULPA and ASHRAE medias and some synthetics. Contact GMD with your production requirements and information on the exact type of media you want to pleat.

Our spiral hot melt machine applies a spiral wrapped hot melt glue bead around the ID and OD of cartridge filters normally used for industrial air filters.

Our banding machine is very popular in the pool and spa filter as well as industrial filter industries to apply single or multiple bands of hot melt glue around cartridge filters.

Our framing machine processes cardboard roll stock and can be designated and built to slit it to form the U channel frames, notched at the corners, cut to length and also apply hot melt glue to the fram for disposable filters. GMD offers many options on this machine depending on your production needs.

Our pad cutter take rolls of polyester and fiberglass filter media and cuts it to length for disposable filters. Options for in-line slitting can then take a large master roll, slit to mulitple widths and cut to length for complete filter pad production.

Blanket Cutting Machine

This machine is widely used in the paint booth filter production industry. It unrolls the master roll, cuts to programmed length and seals back together, then re-rolls for easy end user unroll and tear off of paint booth replacement filters.

Dispensing equipment is used for plastisol or urethane dispensing into molds or end caps for cartridge filters. Whether it is to warm plastisol, reactivate glue in disposable filter frames or conveyer molds while urethane cures. GMD will design and build a line for your particular filter manufacturing needs.

Our aluminum separator pleater is one of two machines used to make HEPA or ASHRAE cell/box type filters with interchangable gear head sets for producing various size separators. It is programmable to cut the length of separators for use with our media folding machine.