Innovative Filter Production Machinery

GMD has been a leader is designing and building filter production equipment for many years and we would like you to see some of the newest innovations in our machinery on our machine pages.

GMD machines are being used in factories throughout the world producing all types of filters such as commercial and residential HVAC pleated filters, swimming pool and spa filters, high efficiency clean room filters, engine air intake filters, commercial filters for dust collection and gas turbine generating stations, paint booth filters, multiple layer media filters, air filters for pharmaceutical manufacturing, air filters for food processing and bio hazard filtration to name only some machine applications.

The GMD laminator uses hot melt glue to bond expanded metal to filter media. It can be used with a rewind station to make finished rolls or install in-line with our star gear or pusher bar pleaters for HVAC pleat production.

GMD pusher bar pleaters are known world wide for ease of operation and their versatility to be quickly changed to produce different size pleats. Pneumatic operation makes this pleater very reliable and operator friendly. Used for HVAC pleating, multiple layer screen mesh medias, self-supporting polyester media and other filter materials.

Star gear pleaters are for designated HVAC pleat production in the nominal sizes of 1", 2" and 4" size pleats. These machines are for high volume pleat prodcution with expanded metal laminated HVAC medias as well as the self-supporting polyester HVAC medias.

Pleat cutters are used with our pusher bar pleats and star gear pleaters for cutting HVAC pleats into pleat packs for individual filters. Safety is a main feature with under the talbe cutting that removes a small section of the pleat for easier assembly of the pleat pack into die cut frames.

Drying chambers are widely used in HVAC pleated filter production to hold the glued and assembled pleats in their die cut frames for the glue to dry. These are adjustable for various standard HVAC size filters.

Die Cut Gluing

Die cut gluing is a roll coating machine that applies latex glue to one side of the die cut frame for HVAC filter assembly.

Our heated gathering rack works very well behind our pusher bar and star gear pleaters to gather, warm and cool the polyester self-supporting HVAC filter materials to retain their pleated memory.