Star Gear Pleater

For HVAC pleat manufacturing

Designated Pleat Size - High Production Speed

Pleater process expanded metal backed filter media and self support medias

P Quality 1 Pleater 001

Pleaters available for

1 inch (25 mm) 275 ppm
2 inch (50 mm) 225 ppm
4 inch (100 mm) 200 ppm

nominal size pleats and standard speed in pleats per minute

One piece GMD machined steel gears
GMD features included on pleaters

Attached Unwind Station
Tension Brake/Role Core Chucks
Dual Belted Accumulator System for desired pleat spacing
Programmable Spray Marking System

Accessory equipment that can be used with Star Gear Pleaters

G-8 Pleat Cutter
Heated Gathering Rack for self support HVAC media

Can also combine the pleater with an optional in-line laminator and pleat cutter
to process roll materials into pleat packs